About Us

     Do Mankato launched February 2022 with the purpose of helping people find awesome Mankato events. This includes other Southern Minnesota happenings in North Mankato, New Ulm, St. Peter, Waseca, and other nearby cities and town. We aim to create a community where Southern Minnesotans can learn and discover all of them. We also have a directory of Mankato food menus you can filter by town or type of food. Is there an event coming up that we missed? You can submit an event on our Submit an Event page so we can get it listed right away!

     As we continue to grow in scope, we hope to be able to bring more value and resources to the community we serve. There are bound to be some challenges, triumphs, and even failures along the way. We hope our readers will help us stay attuned to important events and issues and be involved in our efforts to help us along the way. Welcome to Do Mankato located at www.MankatoMN.com , we hope you enjoy your stay!